Alternative investments

Diversify your portfolio beyond traditional asset classes

As a world leader in wealth management, UBS offers an extensive global platform. Our skilled team can inform your thinking by recommending strategies that may be appropriate for your overall wealth plan.

Why consider alternative investments

Complementing your existing portfolio with alternatives may benefit your long-term wealth strategy. Consider the points below.

Access to nontraditional strategies

May provide investors with exposure to strategies that are typically only available to large institutions and endowments.

Portfolio diversification

Diversifying beyond traditional stocks and bonds may provide increased flexibility in pursuing upside potential, while managing downside risk.

Historical outperformance versus traditional asset classes

Alternative investment performance is not typically consistent with that of the public markets.

Manage volatile market cycles

Alternatives may help your portfolio weather volatile market cycles and downturns.

A wide range of alternative investment solutions

UBS offers multiple alternative investment strategies

Depending on your goals, risk appetite and time horizon, your Financial Advisor can help you understand how each alternative asset class works. Our platform includes the following.

Hedge funds

  • Actively managed portfolios, covering numerous strategies, market exposures and risk/return profiles
  • Key strategies include equity long/short, event driven, global macro and relative value

Private credit

  • Investments in debt that is illiquid and not readily tradable on a public exchange
  • Key strategies include direct lending, distressed and special situations, structured credit and real estate credit

Private equity

  • Actively managed pools of capital that invest in public and private companies
  • Key strategies include venture, growth equity, mezzanine, special situations and buyouts

Real estate

  • Pools of actively managed capital that invest in commercial and residential properties
  • Key strategies include core, core plus, value-added and opportunistic

Managed futures

  • Actively managed portfolios that invest in global currencies, fixed income, stock indices and commodities through futures, forwards and options
  • Key markets include interest rates, equity indices, currencies and commodities
Guided by our robust investment process, our team sources alternative investment opportunities in the US and abroad to ensure a quality offering for our clients.
Jerry Pascucci, Co-Head of Alternative Investment Solutions, UBS Global Wealth Management
Headshot of Jerry Pascucci

Alternative investments at UBS Wealth Management

What sets us apart?

The UBS Alternative Investments team has the experience, expertise and access to opportunities that can align strategically with your long-term needs and goals.

Longstanding expertise

For over 25 years, UBS has delivered alternative investments to clients, managing $158 billion in assets under management globally, invested across multiple strategies.

Global due diligence

With manager partnerships around the world, our global due diligence team of 34 investment professionals is uniquely positioned to source hard-to-access and niche opportunities worldwide.

Diverse product platform

Through relationships with 200+ investment managers globally, we offer a wide variety of product opportunities across diverse risk, return and liquidity profiles.

Thematic approach

Our investment selection process provides the most relevant solutions to our clients by first identifying specific investment themes and then aligning those with appropriate managers.

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Alternatives today

The evolving investment landscape is creating more interest and opportunity in alternatives.

Here are some highlights:

Diversify with alternative credit

High dispersion within the high yield credit universe is creating opportunities for specialized credit hedge fund managers to generate performance. We see this as a supportive backdrop for various credit strategies, including credit arbitrage and distressed debt.

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