Our world is complex and often unequal. Investing with a focus on inclusion can help you align your investment choices with the changes you want to see in the world. At UBS, we can help you pursue investments that seek strong risk-adjusted returns while also creating a more equitable world.

I believe we are at the dawn of a new era where the financial services industry will become the nexus of equal financial access for all – as professionals, as clients and as contributing members of our communities.
Lynette Jefferson,
Head of Sustainable and Inclusive Investing Solutions

What is inclusive investing?

Invest in what matters

Inclusive investing empowers investors to support diversity, equity and inclusion through deliberate investment choices that align with their personal principles, promote inclusive social objectives and seek competitive financial returns.

What do we mean by diverse? Our definition includes people who self-identify as women, racial or ethnic minorities, veterans, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Expanding opportunity and access

If you are looking to incorporate inclusive investing, the first place to start is to identify what is important to you and then evaluate different ways you can align your preferences with your investments. At UBS, we focus on driving inclusive growth in three core ways.

Diversity-focused investment strategies

Investments that focus on promoting equality, expanding opportunities or improving outcomes for diverse groups or communities.

Diverse-owned asset management firms

Investment management or asset management firm where at least 25% of the firm is owned by individuals who identify as diverse.

Diverse portfolio managers

Investment products that have at least one investment team member in a key decision-making role who identifies as diverse.

Insights to guide you

Take a closer look at inclusive investing—and discover the difference it could make for your portfolio—and the world.


    Articles and podcasts

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    The commercial case for diversity and inclusion

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    Championing inclusive growth

    We are reimagining the power of people and capital to create a better world for all—a world that’s fair, sustainable and allows everyone the opportunity to thrive. We’ve built a robust ecosystem at UBS focused on making our society more sustainable and equitable—both within our firm and around the world.

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    Learn more about inclusive investing and how we can help uncover smart, innovative investments that align with what’s most important to you.

    Lynette Jefferson

    Managing Director
    Head of Sustainable and Inclusive Investing Solutions
    Wealth Management USA 

    Karen Sunderam

    Executive Director
    Head of Inclusive Investing
    Wealth Management USA