Social engineering – phishing, bogus calls

How to spot suspicious emails, text messages (SMS) and calls – and the best way to deal with them

Social engineering is the act of exploiting human gullibility to gain access to personal information and protected systems.

Don’t fall for fraudsters 

Emails and text messages let us share information with anyone in the world in seconds. But this comes at a price, cyber criminals can reach you just as easily. They try to steal your information via phishing emails, smishing (SMS, text messages) or via vishing (phone calls).

With seemingly legitimate messages they will ask you to share information, click on a link or open an attachment. Don’t click on things but report them on the "Report suspicious emails” button.        

Important information

As a rule, UBS never contacts its clients by phone, email or SMS to ask them to log in or reveal their access, account details. We don’t send emails with links to login pages such as e-banking and will never ask you for your e-banking contract number or PIN.

How to protect yourself: