Banking Services

Manage everyday finances while pursuing what matters most.

Wealth management is about more than just investments. It’s about what your wealth can accomplish so you can focus on the important things: your life, your family or your business.

Your UBS eligible account allows you to consolidate your investments and your everyday finances in one convenient place. You’ll have access to banking services from UBS Financial Services Inc., along with liquidity solutions from UBS Bank USA, to help you pursue your goals.

Manage accounts

UBS Online Services and the UBS Financial Services app lets you stay connected to your finances and manage your money, wherever you are. You can log in securely to view transactions, statements and UBS card activity.

Make deposits

Use the UBS Financial Services app to deposit a check through Mobile Deposit Capture or fund an investment in a snap. You can also use funds transfer to deposit funds from your accounts at an external financial institution into your eligible UBS account or initiate a deposit into UBS Bank USA Core Savings.* Funds deposited into UBS Bank USA Core Savings, CDs, and UBS cash sweep programs are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), up to applicable limits. You may wire funds into your account or set up direct deposit for recurring deposits.

Access funds

Access cash with your UBS debit card or use your UBS credit card to get cash at banks and ATMs worldwide without finance charges or cash advance fees provided you have sufficient funds available in your linked eligible UBS account.1 Plus, get an unlimited number of ATM fee rebates in the US (up to $10 per transaction).2 Rebates vary by card product. Visit for details.

You can also take advantage of unlimited checkwriting and our convenient bill pay service.3 Set up one-time or recurring online bill payments from your eligible UBS account, for any of your monthly or daily expenses.

Make transfers and payments

Transfer funds to and from your accounts at external financial institutions, and between your UBS accounts. You can also make payments from your accounts by wiring the funds, or using our checkwriting services. Transfer assets from your outside investment accounts to UBS Financial Services Inc.4 Pay bills and manage your monthly invoices easily with our intuitive bill pay service.

Earn Interest

Available cash balances in your account are automatically transferred, or "swept" into interest-bearing deposit accounts each business day, based on your account's eligibility.5 This way, your money can work harder for you.

You also have access to UBS Bank USA Core Savings. Earn competitive yields with FDIC insurance (up to applicable limits).

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Investment, insurance and annuity products: Not FDIC insured ● No bank guarantee ● May lose value