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When you have created or inherited significant wealth, you have opportunities to pursue bold and meaningful undertakings. How do you make decisions that will guide you successfully forward, no matter what your goal?

At UBS, we believe it’s all about connection. For more than 160 years, we’ve connected our clients to firmwide experts, thought leaders and premier resources that have helped their legacies flourish.

Personalized advice

Connect to Advisors who understand you

When it comes to caring for your family over generations, the business you’ve built and the legacy you hope others will remember, it’s important to have a team you can trust to guide you forward. UBS Private Wealth Advisors are prepared to take that journey with you today, tomorrow, every step of the way.

Founders and entrepreneurs

Whether you’re building, acquiring or leaving a business, we help you develop a personalized strategy that addresses a range of objectives, collaborating with experts across UBS globally.

Multigenerational families

From family enterprises to family foundations, you will find the specialized knowledge and understanding of complex family dynamics required to manage wealth spanning many generations.

Family offices

Family offices are as different as the families they serve. We bring deep experience in helping family offices coordinate investment management and planning across family enterprises and philanthropic structures.

Corporate executives

From executing stock options or selling shares within a corporate window, we understand the complexities of executive wealth and offer strategic planning throughout your career and beyond.

We bring a different level of advice to address every dimension of our clients’ lives—investments, business, passions and legacy.
Jennifer Gabrielli
Head, Ultra High Net Worth Solutions Group
UBS Wealth Management Americas
We serve individuals and families through a consistent and proactive approach that leverages the full range of UBS businesses and resources worldwide.
John Mathews
Head, Private Wealth Management Americas

Access to specialized knowledge centers

As a UBS Private Wealth Management client, you can tap into the deep intelligence and experience of our centers of excellence-benefiting from some of the most innovative thinking and solutions available.

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Specialized insights

Connect with thought leaders who enlighten you

Your life and priorities are multidimensional. Private Wealth Advisors understand how each can impact the others—not only today but for years and generations to come. That’s why we curate the best insights and opportunities for each need and intention.

Art and collecting

Art and collecting: building a meaningful legacy

Building a timeless art collection involves considerations across several overlapping aspects of wealth management.  Gain guidance to navigate the pitfalls that can arise and build a meaningful art collection optimally structured for future value.

UBS Family Office Quarterly

A new publication features relevant topics to help executives excel and to advance the family office industry.

Celebrity Capital

    How athletes and entertainers can use a brand platform for good

    The New Continuum

    We’re seeing a growing convergence between investment and philanthropic strategies. Learn how this can help advance your impact objectives.

    Collaborative connections

    Connect with people and passions that inspire you through our networks and communities

    Customized solutions

    Connect to solutions that move you forward

    Private Wealth Advisors connect you to an incomparable range of capabilities and solutions. By collaborating with UBS teams of experts and specialists—the firm’s deepest centers of local and global knowledge—they customize strategies and a bespoke long-term plan that reflects who you are and all you want to accomplish.

    US Regional leadership

    Meet our Private Wealth Management Regional leaders across the US. 

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