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Enabling the transfer of all you hold valuable

What defines family success? A business, property, or is it more elusive: traditions, values, ethics? And how will you pass it on to the next generation with forethought, clear goals and careful execution? Too often, before sharing assets, we neglect the actual communication of wishes, plans and expectations.

Let’s change that.

Inheritance insights

UBS Investor Watch

Recently, we surveyed high networth US investors to better understand the experiences of benefactors and heirs as they face inheritance planning challenges and opportunities.

It’s touchy to ask, ’Hey, what’s going to happen with your money when you die?‘ We shy away from having those conversations.
Male, 42

Frame the future

To achieve it, you must first see it: this is true of life goals just as it is for the legacy you wish to leave. But how do you begin conversations about defining the shared values, ethics and experiences that underpin your family’s wealth and legacy?

6 in 10

benefactors and heirs agree that having parents bring up the topic would help break down barriers to talking about future inheritance

Shape the plan

You have much to share with the next generation. Whether giving while living or preparing your end-of-life wishes, your family needs solid advice and solutions wherever they are on their wealth transfer journey.


of investors are concerned about transferring assets smoothly

Empower the family

Consciously preparing family members to preserve your legacy starts with guidance and education. And empowering them to transition wealth requires strategies that are as unique as each family.


Over half

of heirs who served as executors said the process was difficult

Educate the generations

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