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UBS ElectionWatch Do policy proposals really matter?

Investment implications of the 2020 US elections

Cybersecurity Cyberscams for business owners to look out for

Keeping your business safe from fraud and losses

Legacy strategy How to leave a meaningful legacy

Annual lifetime giving helps your heirs when they need it most

Succession planning The state of succession planning

Family businesses in Latin America lag behind other regions

Financial planning Teaching wealthy children about wealth

Children set to inherit considerable wealth require the financial skills to manage it

Interesting articles Children with special needs require special planning

A long-term plan can help give your child a brighter future

Technological disruption 5G is not just a faster G

Technological disruption is ubiquitous in today’s economy, and yet, it’s just beginning.

Financial security Planning for a career break and comeback

Not everything is out of your control. Plan for the future you want.

Financial planning It’s time to update your financial plan

How your relationship changes, property changes and personal changes can affect your financial planning.

New Years resolutions 10 money resolutions for 2020

The resolutions young investors should consider setting for the new year

Year ahead Investing for 2020

 Maintain control over your portfolio, even in uncertain times

Interesting articles Could a 4-day work week equal more productivity?

Microsoft shut down its Japan office every Friday in August to see how it would affect team performance.

Congress takes on robocall scams

The Senate has passed a bill to reduce the reach of robocall scammers over time.

Own Your Worth Have you had “the money talk” with your daughter?

Girls whose parents talk to them about money are more likely to become women who participate in their financial future.

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UBS Investor Watch Decisions, decisions

Our recent UBS Investor Watch finds that investors are cautious about the year ahead but embrace the decade ahead with optimism. Where do you fit in? And how do you see your financial future unfolding?

UBS House View Is a trade deal likely?

There have been recent material signs that a breakdown in US-China trade talks is less likely than a “rollback” in tariffs.

Washington Weekly Where policy meets your portfolio

Read the latest issue of Washington Weekly.

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Art Cashin on the markets

Art Cashin breaks down what the markets mean to you.

Your Daily Briefing

Insights on critical market developments.

Art Cashin: View from the floor

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the UBS Director of Floor Operations, Art Cashin, delivers you timely insight into the week's key market moving events and previews the week ahead.

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