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UBS Family advisory and philantrophy services

Multigenerational wealth planning

Holistic wealth planning insights, advice and execution services to help you navigate family dynamics, maximize your philanthropic impact and build your family legacy.

Create a family legacy

Our Family Advisory services help you manage interpersonal aspects of wealth by:

  • Facilitating family meetings
  • Helping to define values and a mission statement
  • Engaging networking programs and events
  • Sharing perspectives through whitepapers, articles, podcasts and webinars

Make a difference

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Our Philanthropy Services can help you achieve your philanthropic goals through:

  • Philanthropy workshops to help define a strategy
  • Investment-based approach to help maximize impact and scale
  • Advice and execution services for giving vehicles such as trusts, donor advised funds, etc.
  • Advice on how to measure impact
  • Philanthropy events and roundtables
  • Insights through reports and publications

Expand your impact

The UBS Optimus Foundation offers you co-investment and other opportunities to enlarge your philanthropy, including:

  • Invest in fund-specific projects that have gone through our team’s rigorous due diligence and vetting process
  • Practice philanthropy with peers who share the same interests and values
  • Invest in our collective portfolios
  • Access innovative Social Finance solutions
  • Attend Philanthropy Insights trips

We help families manage the interpersonal aspects of wealth and enhance philanthropic impact locally, nationally, and globally—all as a means to live and leave a legacy.
Sarah Salomon
Head of Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services

Client stories

Aligning gifts with a clear intention

The solution: Judy and Tim were concerned about how to make financial gifts to their three children through individual trusts. Like many families, they feared that the gifts might foster dependency or a sense of entitlement.

The solution: The couple’s UBS Private Wealth Advisor set up a meeting with the UBS Family Advisory & Philanthropy team, who helped the couple think about the intention or spirit behind their gifts, rather than viewing them simply as monetary transfers. Together, they explored:

  • What Judy and Tim wanted to achieve with their gifts
  • How the gifts would reflect their values
  • Whether the gifts would bring the couple joy
  • Each child’s age, character and stage of readiness to receive a gift

This became the basis for deciding the amount and the timing of gifts. Because the couple highly valued education, they developed a communication plan to help their children understand the intent of the gifts as an encouragement to pursue higher education in their chosen fields.

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Defining a philanthropic vision

The situation: Tiffany and Paul had recently sold a highly successful pharmaceutical services company they had spent years building. In looking to define their purpose beyond the business, they wanted to develop a plan to expand their philanthropic giving.

The solution: The couple’s UBS Private Wealth Advisor brought together members of the UBS Family Advisory & Philanthropy Services team to help think through important questions around the couple’s philanthropic vision. These included looking at:

  • What areas and specific issues were important to the couple
  • Their patterns of giving in the past, including average size and type of assets
  • How they want to be remembered
  • Other family members they may want to involve

Based on a series of conversations, Tiffany and Paul were able to define their specific interests and intentions. These became the basis for a comprehensive philanthropic strategy that included setting up a private foundation with a plan to involve their two children and allow the family to direct gifts where they determined they would have the most impact.

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Tapping into collective philanthropy

The situation: John had received a sizeable inheritance and, as an avid diver and nature enthusiast, was looking to create the largest impact he could in terms of saving the world’s oceans. He was interested in collaborating with other philanthropists and organizations to move the needle on this cause.

The solution: Together with his UBS Private Wealth Advisor, John met with members of the UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy team who introduced him to the UBS Optimus Foundation. The foundation offers three ready-made opportunities to practice collective philanthropy, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Working with people with shared interests and determination to solve an issue
  • Participating in a learning experience with peers to boost knowledge, skills and confidence 
  • Connecting with powerful people, organizations and solutions to magnify efforts

After several discussions, John decided to join the UBS Climate Collective, which is focused on building coastal resilience, one of the most affected areas and where promising solutions exist.

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Client Conversations

Living your legacy conversations



Shawna Hamilton, Senior Strategist on the UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, talks with Dr. Barney Long, Senior Director of Conservation Strategies at Re:wild. Re:wild’s mission is to protect and restore the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. Barney shares the importance and power of partnerships to expand and amplify this mission. Re:wild combines more than three decades of conservation impact by Leonardo DiCaprio and Global Wildlife Conservation, expertise, partnerships and platforms to bring new attention, energy and voices together.

Force Blue


Liam McCormick, Senior Strategist for UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, speaks with Force Blue Co-Founder Jim Ritterhoff and Roger Sparks, Special Operations Veteran and Force Blue Diver. Force Blue seeks to address two seemingly unrelated problems: the rapidly declining health of our planet’s marine resources and the difficulty combat veterans have in adjusting to civilian life. Jim and Roger share the importance of intentionality and a focused mission statement as Force Blue works to unite Special Operations veterans with the world of marine conservation for the betterment of both lives and the planet.

Bob Roth, David Lynch Foundation


Sabrina Parks, Business Associate on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, talks with Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation. The David Lynch Foundation helps prevent and eradicate the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through widespread implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) ® program. Bob has found passion and purpose in bringing TM to underserved inner-city students, veterans and abuse survivors with the goal of improving their health and cognitive abilities. He shares how the foundation has approached scale and evolved their strategy over time to achieve global impact.


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