Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are crucial to our long-term success. That's because, in our experience, teams with diversity in gender, race, age, ethnicity, education, background, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. better understand and relate to our equally diverse clients’ needs. Likewise, diversity of thought, opinion and experience helps us make better decisions and be more innovative, while an inclusive work environment attracts high-quality people and makes the firm a better place to work for everyone.

At UBS, we take a broad approach to diversity. We focus on gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, disability, and mental health, among other aspects, with inclusive leadership and increased representation of diverse-heritage employees becoming more prominent in recent years. In the near term, however, increasing gender and ethnic diversity remains our highest strategic priority. We have a clear mandate to hire, promote and retain more women and people from ethnic minorities across the firm, especially in management roles.

Every year, we sponsor numerous activities to promote inclusiveness. Our 43 employee networks regularly host events on gender, culture, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ / Pride, disability, veterans, parenting, elder care and other topics. We're a strong supporter of the UN Standards of Conduct for Business anti-discrimination guidelines, and a signatory to the UK government's Women in Finance Charter. And, as always, we are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.

What inclusion means to us.

"To enable our businesses to innovate and thrive, it is essential that our people reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work, and that everyone feels they belong and have equitable access to opportunities to reach their full potential."

Cicilia Wan, Global head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

"As a firm that’s built on trust, how we act and what we do is key to our success. This includes fostering a strong, diverse and inclusive culture."

Ralph Hamers, Group Chief Executive Officer

An open letter to the global legal community

Recent events involving acts of violence against Black people have dramatically focused our attention on racial and social injustice in all of our societies. As leaders of corporate legal departments in the financial services industry, we have come together as a group to denounce discrimination, in whatever form, and express our support for those who have been subjected to these experiences. We are grateful to our colleagues who have shared emotional and very personal accounts of their experiences in the hopes of fostering a broader understanding and bringing about a more inclusive culture in the workplace. In this moment, we face difficult but necessary questions about the persistence of racism as well as other forms of discrimination, and what further steps we can take in our departments and profession to drive change.