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Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, Americas

To make a lasting impact in today’s world, it’s about more than giving—it’s about giving with purpose. At UBS, we’ve targeted our efforts to drive long-term, sustainable change through our focus on entrepreneurship, education and leveraging the time and talent of our employees through volunteer opportunities in the communities we serve.

We welcome you to learn more about our efforts and get to know the people we’ve worked with along the way.

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurship initiative drives economic growth by encouraging a more inclusive landscape for underrepresented founders. Through our partnerships and programs, UBS provides entrepreneurs with access to training, capital and networks needed to build their companies, create jobs and contribute to their local communities.

Project Entrepreneur: UBS is on a mission to accelerates the growth of female founded companies by increasing their investment readiness, building bridges to capital and investing in ecosystems that empower our most innovative entrepreneurs.

Venture for America: UBS is investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs through VFA, who recruits, trains and supports top college graduates to work at start-ups in cities with high potential for revitalization in 14 cities across the country.

Village Capital: UBS has partnered with Village Capital to launch Capital Pathways, a program to improve awareness of and access to more inclusive capital for diverse founders, particularly women and founders and color.

Our impact

founders supported with the tools and resources to grow their companies

mentors engaged to support founders with their businesses

raised in funding by Venture for America fellows after receiving the UBS Venture Catalyst Award

UBS NextGen Leaders

UBS NextGen Leaders, our signature Americas education initiative, aims to empower high-potential, first-generation, lower-income students with the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in college and beyond.

Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness: In partnership with EVERI, a leading social impact education technology company, we launched Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness, a personalized digital curriculum for low-to-moderate-income high school students across the U.S., to better prepare them for college and career.

Keys To Your Future aims to reach more than 150,000 high school students in 1,000 schools and nonprofit organizations nationally by 2021. The program continues UBS's longstanding commitment to education, building upon the firm's investment to establish UBS NextGen Leaders five years ago to improve college success among under-resourced populations.

UBS-SEO College Scholars: Designed in partnership with SEO Scholars, this intensive college access and success program supports 125 young men of color to persist to graduation at competitive institutions. Our first cohort graduated with a 90% four-year graduation rate, a stellar outcome compared to the average national graduation rates of 20% for low-income students and 60% for all students.

Our impact

High school students from over 500 schools nationwide are using the Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness program

Our first UBS-SEO College Scholars cohort of 121 men of color graduated with 90% four-year graduation rate

Hours of personalized technical and nonacademic skills learning from students using the Keys To Your Future course

UBS Community Corps

At UBS, philanthropy and volunteering are key to our culture. Anchored by our annual Season of Service (June 1 – August 31) campaign, UBS Community Corps encourages employees across the Americas to engage in their local communities year-round through hands-on and skills-based volunteering.

on Season of 
Service 2020

Americas employees volunteered

Volunteer hours

Cities served