Insights on women and wealth

Videos, podcasts and articles on topics ranging from retirement planning and navigating divorce or loss, to financial management and COVID-19


'Food waste is skyrocketing'

Mette Lykke told us her mission to cut food waste had been challenged because "the whole food value chain has been rocked … what keeps food waste down is predictability."


Taking control of your wealth

Paula Polito shares her insights on women and wealth at the 2019 Women in the World Summit

Savvy women, smart investors

Insights on balancing life’s financial challenges while caring for kids and aging parents

Women and money: 8 questions for Tina Brown

The renowned editor and Women in the World founder on how women can take their seat at the money table

How women can change the money dialogue

Insights from UBS thought leaders on how women can own their worth

Estate planning for single women

Estate planning advice is often catered to couples. But what about single people, particularly single women?

7 things about social security you didn't know

Why your Social Security benefit may be worth more than you think

When women lead

Female leaders boost the bottom line. Learn how investors can help improve equality in the workplace.

Women entrepreneurs: redefining expectations

These female founders are breaking down barriers. Read their stories in Business owner insights.

Tina Brown breaks it down: “How to turn the tide”

In an exclusive interview, UBS and Tina Brown speak about women, money and equality

Here are Two Key Factors Affecting Women's Finances

Two major trends are profoundly impacting women.

Three Actions Women Can Take on their Finances Today

Getting involved in your financial life as a form of self-care.

Family and society

Why wait for 'prince charming'?

Survey: Single millennial women want love, marriage and sense of financial security

Should you retire when your husband does?

Learn why some women should wait longer to retire

Kim Greenberg on planning for a child with special needs

A long-term plan can help give your child a brighter future

Tips from Women about how Couples Should Handle Their Finances

Exploring the advice women would impart to other women.


Women view financial success differently

Women have different investing preferences and behaviors than men. This requires a more customized and distinct approach to investing.

Women's Finances: Myth Versus Reality

10 myths about what makes the finances of women and couples tick.

Widowhood and divorce

Turning a new page

Tips for restarting your financial life when your marriage comes to an end

Hear how Karen Bigman helps divorcees

How the founder of The Divorcierge, Karen Bigman, helps women to own their worth post-divorce

Life after loss

Financial steps you can take to help you heal without worry

Amy Florian on loss, love and healing

‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans’

See a widow’s perspective of taking charge

How one woman took the reins on her financial future after the loss of a spouse

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It’s time to own your worth.