Own your worth

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova in a four-part conversation with UBS Vice Chairwoman Paula Polito

Why money and love do mix

Paulina shares intimate stories about her high-flying career, her long marriage and why she took care of so many things during 35 years with her husband—except money.

Lessons from divorce and widowhood

Paulina opens up about the financial fallout from her divorce and subsequent widowhood—and shares her painful learning curve in a story that will be familiar to many other women.

Money and women across the generations

Paula and Paulina share what they learned from their mothers and what they are teaching the young women in their lives about becoming financial stakeholders.

Women in the time of COVID

Paulina talks about money matters—and chores—during quarantine and Paula shares concrete advice on how Paulina and all women can own their worth.

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UBS Investor Pulse Side effects

COVID-19 spurs women to reconsider finances and careers

  • Women are more engaged in finances, but actions lag behind intentions.
  • Women are shouldering a growing share of the household duties, including remote schooling.
  • COVID-19 is negatively impacting women’s careers and earnings.

Touching audiences. Changing Hollywood.

A conversation with Laura Dern

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It’s time to own your worth

Money, power and resilience with Billie Jean King and Lisa Leslie 

An all-star line-up shares how they are owning their worth. Featuring Billie Jean King, Lisa Leslie, Paula Polito, Paulina Porizkova, Elaine Welteroth and Dr. Jill Yavorsky.

The journey continues

In 2018, UBS embarked on a groundbreaking study of US women. It started with the recognition of two major trends impacting women: increasing life expectancy and the rise of “gray” divorce. This meant that, at some point in their lives, 8 in 10 women will end up alone and solely responsible for their financial well-being.1

When we spoke to women living this reality—widows and divorcees who were financially responsible not just for themselves but for children, loved ones, even family businesses—we uncovered a deep well of regret. 98% of widows and divorcees urged other women to participate in long-term decisions early on.2

So we wondered … were women heeding their advice? In this age of #metoo, women’s empowerment and progress toward greater equality, were things actually changing? In short, not enough.

The behavior persists even though the majority of women—and men—believe equal financial participation is necessary for true gender equality. But there are signs that women are ready to own their worth.

See where we started

Explore the entire Own your worth series, and visit our financial participation site to learn the top 10 money moves.

4 actions to take now

Own your worth

Know where you stand today and what you want for the future

Take the time to add up your assets and your liabilities, like loans, credit and other debts, and ask for full transparency from your partner.

Ask yourself a series of questions to help frame your needs

  • What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  • Who are the people who matter most to you?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • What are your main concerns?
  • How do you plan to achieve your life’s vision?

Then think about your wealth along three key dimensions:

Liquidity—to provide cash flow for short-term expenses. Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own.

Find your voice

Start the conversation with your partner

Talking about money is considered taboo to some couples. But ask yourself, if you found yourself alone tomorrow, do you know what first steps you’d take to make sure you’re financially secure? Even if you’re single, there’s a tremendous benefit to having open communication with a trusted confidante or financial advisor.

Set an example

Set an example

Women are repeating the gender roles they saw growing up. Set an example of financial partnership for the younger generation.

Make your money move

Make your money move

UBS developed the Own Your Worth Financial Participation Site for women who want to take that first step. You’ll find tips, tools and the top 10 money moves—without jargon or complexity—to help you make your first "money move."

A money move can be anything that helps you participate more fully in your financial life—any action that brings you closer to the future you want. To get started, take this quiz to learn your money language.

Visit ubs.com/mymoneymove to learn more.

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