Wealth transfer

We can help you plan your succession

None of us are untouched by the question of what will happen after we are gone. Let us help you ask the right questions and find suitable answers early on. Give your wealth a future.

How to pass on your wealth to the next generation

Family members often have different ideas about inheritance. That's why it’s important to talk about it openly.

Fair distribution

Parents generally want to treat their children equally in matters of finance. But what are different things worth? Involve everyone concerned early on to clarify open questions.

Different family situations

From married or cohabiting couples to patchwork families: different family constellations can make inheritance complex.

Time well spent

A well thought out inheritance plan ensures your wishes will be carried out.

  • You tell us what you want and need.
  • We will take active steps and prepare the necessary documents.
  • Together with you we will help you develop and implement a strategy for how best to plan and transfer your estate.

Which documents do you need for a business continuity plan?

There are different ways to arrange the transfer of your assets. We have prepared a checklist of relevant documents and options for you with explanations of what is important.

How to pass on your wealth to the next generation

Parents and heirs often have very different ideas about the transfer of private and/or company assets. That is why it is so important for families to talk openly about inheritance issues.

Fair distribution

Since the new inheritance law came into force on 1 January 2023, you are free to dispose of a larger share of your estate than before.

The revised law better addresses contemporary forms of cohabitation, such as patchwork families.

Different family situations

Different family constellations can make inheritance exceedingly complex. Especially if family members are living as cohabiting partners, a patchwork family or in some alternative family model.

Inheritance law revision

The revised Swiss inheritance law came into force on 1 January 2023. The testator is now free to dispose of a larger part of their estate than before.

Do good with your wealth

Many people want to give something back to society, do something meaningful for those in need, or get involved with an environmental project or other social issue. Learn more about the UBS Philanthropy Foundation and charitable activity.

Company Succesion

Getting company succession on track in good time

Arranging their own succession is an extraordinary challenge for entrepreneurs. We are here to actively support you.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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