Taking the lead

How employers can boost the perceived value of equity awards during times of volatility


The latest edition of UBS Workplace Voice sheds light on ways employers can help plan participants realize the value of their equity compensation, and not only lead in these uncertain times but attract top talent as well.

UBS Workplace Voice: Employee attitudes and behaviors, Issue 4

Markets making an impact

Perceived value of equity awards has decreased since 2019

Measuring how employees feel about equity awards

The UBS Equity Award Value Index uses five variables to measure how participants value their equity awards:

  1. View of equity compensation: way to build wealth, paycheck supplement or lottery ticket
  2. Importance of taking current job
  3. Importance of staying at current job
  4. Importance of accumulating wealth/savings
  5. Incorporating equity compensation into long-term financial planning

The three elements that can boost the perceived value of awards

Employees rely on employer-provided resources to learn how to manage equity awards

The disconnect between employers and employees

Previous research

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A benefit whose time has come (2020)

Issue 2
Benefits take center stage (2021)

Issue 3
In motion (2022)

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