Based in Switzerland with over a 150-year history, UBS is fully connected to the global economy. As a UBS client, you can access and leverage all of our international platforms to best position your investments for new opportunities.

Through UBS AG Private Bank, you have access to global solutions, including the UBS Global Investment Portfolios—multi-currency, multi-asset class, unified accounts managed on a fully discretionary basis by our investment professionals around the world. Not only can you hold positions in multiple markets in native currency and non-dollar assets, you can seamlessly execute trades and currency plays in over 37 countries.

In addition, as a UBS client, you can take advantage of exclusive services for ultra high net worth individuals, such as access to physical gold custody solutions in the U.S. and Switzerland in insured vaults. Depending on your individual needs, we can connect you to experts in philanthropic services, concentrated stock diversification and hedging, and tax-efficient strategies.

UBS is one of the world’s largest global wealth managers. With a network of offices, dedicated wealth planning teams and deep roots in over 50 countries around the world, UBS is strongly positioned to help you tap the full potential of the global economy.

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