Pay at the speed of life

With your new contactless UBS Visa credit and debit cards issued by UBS Bank USA

Simply tap to pay using your new contactless UBS Visa credit or debit card, and be on your way. It's fast, easy and secure.

How it works


Look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout.


Simply tap your contactless UBS Visa card on the checkout terminal to pay.


You're done in seconds, and you're protected by the same security as your existing chip card.

Don't see the Contactless Symbol?

You can still insert or swipe your card to pay just as you did before.


Some contactless ATMs will require contactless cards from other banks to be inserted. Insert your card like you do today and follow the prompts on the ATM. This is because all banks manage their ATMs differently.

Questions? We have answers.

Contactless technology, also known as "tap to pay," eliminates the need to insert or swipe your card.

  • FAST — It's a convenient and quick way to complete some of your most frequent purchases while on the go.
  • EASY — Simply tap your contactless UBS Visa card on the checkout terminal to pay.
  • SECURE — Each contactless transaction is just as secure as those made with a chip card.

Look for the Contactless Indicator on the front of your UBS Visa card. If you see this, you're ready to go!

Simply hold your card within 1 - 2 inches of the Contactless Symbol. It is best to hold the UBS Visa card flat over the symbol rather than at an angle.

Don't worry. You can still use your card by inserting or swiping it at the terminal.

The vast majority of transactions take place at contactless-enabled terminals in the US. Look for the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal to determine if the merchant accepts contactless payments. You can still use your contactless UBS Visa card’s chip or magnetic stripe at terminals that are not yet contactless-enabled.

Yes. You can use it at millions of merchants around the world. Simply tap to pay where you see the Contactless Symbol—or insert or swipe the card at checkout terminals that are not contactless-enabled.

It depends. All banks manage their ATMs differently, so you may or may not be able to tap at an ATM—even if the Contactless Symbol is present. If not, remember you can always insert your card and enter your PIN just like before.

Yes. Many transit systems in key metropolitan areas accept contactless credit and debit cards, and more systems are expected to over the next few years in the US. In addition, many transit systems outside the US also accept contactless payments.

Your contactless UBS Visa card uses secure encryption technology to safeguard each purchase and because these cards use the same security as chip cards, your payment information is just as safe.

No. Contactless technology requires the merchant to first initiate the payment, and then you must hold your card 1- 2 inches away from the terminal before a payment can be processed.

Not usually. However, the merchant may have its own requirements and may ask you to sign or enter your PIN to complete your purchase.

When your existing credit or debit card expires, or is replaced for other reasons (such as a lost or stolen card), you'll receive a contactless UBS Visa card. All new UBS Visa credit and debit card accounts will be issued as contactless. 

Yes, card holders may request a contactless card by calling the phone number on the back of their existing UBS Visa credit or debit card.

Starting in 2020, we will no longer offer UBS Visa credit or debit cards without this feature. But remember, you can insert or swipe your contactless UBS Visa card if you prefer.