Don't let bad luck shut down your plans

Learn how a Liquidity strategy can help protect financial plans against uncertainty

24 Jan 2019

Fortunately, most Americans' financial security hasn't been directly threatened by the government shutdown—the longest in history. Even so, this is a good opportunity to take stock of whether our own financial plans are protected against other sources of financial uncertainty. For workers, this includes unexpected job losses and expenses, which can be mostly covered with an emergency fund. For retirees, who are actively drawing from their portfolio, the biggest risk is that "lumpy" one-time expenses will coincide with a bear market.

In the latest installment of UBS On-Air's Investment Strategy podcast series, UBS Investment Strategist Americas Justin Waring discusses the role that a Liquidity strategy can play in helping build resilience into your financial plans. Listen to learn more about:

  • The importance of having an emergency fund
  • The risks of holding too much cash
  • How you can think strategically about borrowing

Find out more in the Intellectual Capital blog: Don't let bad luck shut down your plans (PDF, 174 KB) from the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO).