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Our process begins the moment you engage us. Right from the start, we focus on learning everything we can about you and your organization. Our approach is high-touch and responsive because that's the only way to provide you with customized solutions. And because we're backed by the vast resources of UBS, we offer you a viewpoint grounded in a global perspective.

Investment planning

Before you can determine how to pursue your goals, you need to understand where you are today. We can:

  • Assess your current situation and make appropriate  recommendations for the future
  • Evaluate your risk and reward profile to come up with a plan that meets your investment objectives
  • Assist in creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that we can regularly review and amend to reflect any changes in your outlook  or circumstances

Asset allocation

Your organization has a unique set of values and goals, and your asset allocation should reflect that. We can:

  • Compare expected risk, return and correlation across traditional asset classes by using parameters identified in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Assist in developing a strategy we can adjust over time to manage your risk exposure
  • Structure your portfolio to reflect the philosophy of your organization
  • Analyze alternative strategies using portfolio optimization models, economic forecasts and proprietary capital markets assumptions developed by UBS
  • Recommend strategic rebalancing of your portfolio to maintain the appropriate risk/return profile

Manager and strategy alignment

Making sure your managers and investment strategies are aligned is important to your plan's success. We can:

  • Identify and recommend appropriate investment vehicles, both active and passive, that match your organization's philosophy
  • Analyze current manager performance to determine if adjustments are needed
  • Screen and identify prospective managers who better reflect your organization's investment philosophy, risk management and style adherence
  • Monitor managers for adherence with qualitative and quantitative criteria

Ongoing advisory services

Institutional consulting requires depth and insight. Once we've established a relationship with you, we're there for the long term. We will:

  • Review your portfolio performance to determine if strategy changes are needed
  • Discuss portfolio adjustments based on objective analysis of strategies and types of investments
  • Share information on global and domestic economic outlooks, as well as capital market trends
  • Educate your fiduciaries on current market trends to help them make more informed decisions

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