Additional resources

Research and insights

UBS House View

Insights from our Chief Investment Office - Timely perspectives from our CIO

Washington Weekly

Must-have updates on what's happening in Congress—focusing on financial services and regulatory measures.

UBS Investor Watch

An examination of critical issues today’s investors face, and fresh insight into what matters most to them.

Longer Term investments (LTI)

Thematic investment ideas based on long-term structural development including technology trends, urbanization, resource scarcity and societal changes.

Tools and calculators

Game – Achieve your goals Can you achieve your financial goals?

Duration: 3- 4 minutes

Training – Timing the market How well can you time the market?

Duration: 1- 2 minutes

Tool – Future Technology Which opportunities should you watch?

Duration: 1- 2 minutes

Tool – Economic cycles Can you predict what will happen next?

Duration: 1 minute

Quiz – Sustainable investing What is sustainable investing?

Duration: 1- 2 minutes

Game – Demographics How well do you know millennials?

Duration: 2- 3 minutes