Securities-backed financing

Deposit securities and obtain liquidity

Securities-backed financing provides liquidity without having to sell your existing assets. Your securities serve as collateral.

Securities-backed financing at a glance


Amount, currency and term all of your choosing


Favorable terms thanks to securities as collateral

Rapidly available

Easy availability of capital

  • Access cash: You obtain liquidity without having to sell your existing investments.
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities: You can react quickly, without having to restructure your portfolio.
  • Optimize returns: Securities-backed financing lets you optimize the income potential of your portfolio.
  • Increase your security: You can diversify assets or hedge against currency risks.

Structured loan solution as an alternative

Compared to securities-backed financing, structured credit facilities are more flexible regarding additional accepted securities, structures and credit conditions. Our structured credit structured credit facilities are tailored to your precise needs and financial objectives.

  • Single stock holdings
    Many entrepreneurs and executives hold assets in individual stocks. We can use these holdings as security for short- and medium-term loans.
  • Portfolios with concentrated stocks, bonds and hedge funds
    Some investors possess large holdings in individual stocks, bonds and hedge funds. We offers tailored financing solutions for which these investments can be used as security.
  • Private equity limited partnerships

Private equity funds usually have a long investment horizon and a limited secondary market. We can use your private equity investments as collateral for loans to grant future requests for capital.

This also enables you to implement investment diversification strategies and achieve general personal and business objectives.

  • Unlisted equity investments
    Do you hold a large quantity of an unlisted stock, some or all of which you plan to sell? We can provide you with collateralized loans based on your strategic investments in unlisted companies.

We can also provide extended financing solutions by means of

  • strategies for risk hedging,
  • loans with recourse to strong financial counterparties,
  • complex credit structures.

Your investments in the best hands

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  • Development of your investor profile
  • Suitable investment selection
  • Portfolio monitoring

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