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How multicultural families build generational wealth

A unique journey for multicultural families

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Melinda Hightower

Managing Director, Head of Multicultural Client Segments

Many multicultural investors (MCIs) have charted successful paths to wealth. In fact, more than one million US high net worth (HNW)* investors are Black, Asian or Hispanic and Latino Americans. Yet little has been done to understand the varied experiences and priorities of this growing segment of MCIs.

This report explores the wealth journeys of HNW MCIs—how they build wealth, how they manage it and what they want their wealth to help them achieve.

Multicultural wealth key findings

A collector’s culture

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    of Black HNW investors are more likely to acquire other collectibles, in addition to art, such as wine, coins or cars

A growth mindset

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    of Asian HNW investors’ portfolios are in stocks, and they want these growth investments to provide financial security for the next generation

Family and the future

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    of Hispanic HNW investors are gifting wealth to heirs while they are living—wanting to see them use it to build their lives sooner rather than later

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Sandrea Brooks
UBS Wealth Planning Associate

Achieving greater inclusion

Wealth managers must be eager and active leaders in fostering financial inclusion. Aided by new research that provides insights and ideas from Black, Hispanic and Latino, and Asian HNW investors, the industry can deliver on its promise of tailored guidance and solutions for all investors. Find out more.

A brief history of the multicultural investor experience

The road to achieving full participation in the American financial system has been a long one for multicultural investors. Legislative barriers, social and cultural resistance and restricted access to resources all played a role. But as they worked around those obstacles and began to participate more fully, new possibilities began to take shape. Today those possibilities herald a bold new era of wealth for an emerging generation of HNW investors.

The road to full participation in the American financial system has been a long one for many multicultural investors. Barriers, both systemic and social, have played a role. Today, legislative protections and better access to professional advice, financial solutions and capital mean MCIs face less financial exclusion than at any other period in American history.

What will it take for HNW MCIs to continue their momentum? Primarily, expanded exposure to the wealth-building potential of equities, tailored and inclusive wealth strategies, and institutions committed to working toward an equitable future for all. We look forward to a new era of wealth creation—one with inclusion firmly at its center.

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