About us

UBS Bank USA is comprised of a team of professionals, dedicated to serving the deposit and borrowing needs of affluent and high net worth investors.

Senior officers at the Bank, include:

  • Frank Destra, President & CEO UBS Bank USA
  • Audrey Bommer, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Joe Stroud, General Counsel
  • Jake Hawkins, Chief Financial Officer
  • Marc Watters, Chief Risk Officer & Chief Credit Officer
  • Don Hill, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Prakash Venkataraman, Chief Technology Officer
  • Charlene Barnsdale, Head of Treasury
  • Tim Handley, Head of Bank Governance and Regulatory Affairs

The Board of Directors of UBS Bank USA is comprised of the following members:

  • Michael Blum, Chair, UBS Bank USA
  • Frank Destra, Vice Chair, President & CEO UBS Bank USA
  • Jane Bailey, Americas Chief Financial Officer
  • Penny Tsekouras, GWM US Chief Risk Officer/ Chief Credit Officer, Americas
  • Gary J. Myers, Independent Director
  • Andrea Bierce, Independent Director
  • Jefferson E. Hughes, Independent Director
  • Francis A. Piantidosi, Independent Director
  • Louis Eber, Independent Director
  • Donald Gershuny, Independent Director

Please direct any correspondence to the following address:

95 State Street, Suite 2200
Salt Lake City, UT  84111