UBS Lending Referral Group

Flexible financing solutions for any ambition

At UBS, the Lending Referral Group has a seasoned portfolio of referral lenders offering creative financing options to help our clients finance their next big idea.

Whether you’re in need of funds to expand your business or financing for a private jet, we’ll give you access to strategic borrowing solutions you may not have considered. By providing access to industry-leading lenders, we focus on delivering a wide array of your specialized lending needs while complementing your full financial picture.

We can connect you to a lender that makes sense for your ambition.

Lending Referral Group

When you work with our referral lenders, you can be confident you’ll receive the same level of attention and service you’ve come to expect from UBS—from initial application to closing and beyond.

Agricultural lending

Crop and commodity knowledge, valuation expertise and financing to optimize the value of your land, including agricultural lands, farmlands, ranch and timber lands, recreational and conservation tracts lands.

Luxury good financing (aircraft, art, classic cars, recreational vehicles and yachts)

Objective advice and attractive financing options for clients who are looking to finance a luxury purchase. Certain assets can also be used to unlock additional liquidity.

Business lending

Business financing for wide-ranging client needs including financing solutions to expand current businesses, acquire new ones, strengthen current business with Accounts Receivables finance or unlock working capital trapped in your supply chain.

Corporate lending & asset finance

Flexible financing solutions that are attractive to businesses, individuals and family offices, and special purpose vehicles, who may have a need for immediate liquidity.

Middle market corporate lending

Offering middle market corporate companies and clients who are looking to expand their business capital to help them grow by providing access to financing options they may not have considered.

Private stock lending

Advising entrepreneurs and the companies they work for to unlock potential equity upside with no out-of-pocket costs by taking a proactive approach while seeking to minimize taxes.

Special situations lending

Address complex financing needs with quick, dependable capital where non-dilutive tailored solutions are required for personal or business financing needs.

Student loans

Explore financing options for higher education, including undergraduate, graduate, law, M.B.A and Parent PLUS loans (parents borrowing on behalf of their children).

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