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How do you know you’ll have enough to live how you want—over the course of your entire life? A Longevity strategy can help. It’s for longer-term needs and includes all of the investments and resources you and your family will need throughout your lifetime. It's designed to seek growth and includes money for your retirement needs and other things, such as your healthcare and long-term care expenses as well as buying a second home.

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Longevity at a glance

What it's designed to do

Help you plan and pay for expenses throughout your lifetime

Could include needs like retirement, healthcare, long-term care and possibly buying a second home

Seek to grow wealth over time, typically through investments aligned to your risk profile and goals

Why it matters

Allows you to shift your focus from trying to beat the markets to meeting your long-term financial goals

Helps boost confidence in your financial future by understanding your needs throughout your entire life

Helps you align your investing strategy to your goals and time frames 

Explore strategies to cover other stages of your life

Wealth for now Liquidity

To help provide cash flow for short-term expenses—to help maintain your lifestyle

Wealth for others Legacy

For needs that go beyond your own—to help you improve the lives of others

Solutions working in your life

Retirement planning

Worry less about your retirement by creating a plan

Sustainable investing

Find out why sustainability matters


Access professional advice and diverse solutions for your individual goals

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We can help you plan for the life you want