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UBS Digital Philanthropy Week Americas - Replays Available 

In September, 2020, UBS hosted its first Digital Philanthropy Week Americas. New digital content, ranging from webcasts with external speakers, podcasts, whitepapers, and more, will remain available on this page for you to enjoy. While you are here, we encourage you to enjoy available content, including a welcome video from Tom Naratil and our Digital Conversations archives located at the bottom of the page. 

See here for special access to the following resources from Digital Philanthropy Week Americas.


Ask your Financial Advisor today about the latest whitepaper from UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services Americas and Advanced Planning focused on charitable vehicles. This all-encompassing resource, is an exhaustive list of the different types of charitable vehicles one might consider, in addition to the philanthropic and tax considerations associated with each.

SDG Cards

Launch of UBS Sustainable Development Goal Cards

Ask your Financial Advisor today about how to align your philanthropic efforts with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services Americas has created a bespoke tool to help you align your passions in a way that contributes to the SDGs.

Note to Financial Advisors: UBS SDG Cards can be found on Advisor Marketing Central (AMC).

Podcast (Scholarship Funds)

What options are available to philanthropists interested in establishing scholarship funds? In this episode, Julie Binder, Senior Strategist in Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services Americas, outlines the opportunities that are available, as well as the questions that should be answered, when considering whether or not to establish a scholarship fund.

Available on UBS On-Air, Spotify and iTunes.

Podcast (Venture Philanthropy)

What is venture philanthropy and how does it differ from traditional forms of philanthropy? In this episode, Nicole Sebastian, Senior Strategist in Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services Americas, explains everything from the origins of venture philanthropy, to its core principles, and the benefits it could hold for the future.

Available on UBS On-Air, Spotify and iTunes.

Additional Content

For additional content beyond Digital Philanthropy Week Americas, please be sure to check out our other resources, such as our Philanthropy Insights podcast series in the sidebar, as well as our Digital Conversations Archives at the bottom of the page, featuring videos of speakers such as Scott Harrison of charity: water, Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Tom Davidson of EVERFI, and Treger and Rob Strasberg of Humble Design.

Digital Philanthropy Week Americas Webinar Replays

Alysia Reiner

Tune in for a webinar focused on gender equality and sustainability with actress, activist and producer, Alysia Reiner. 

Dan Pallotta

Catch Dan Pallotta, Founder and President of the Charity Defense Council, discuss how the way we think about giving is undermining the causes we love. 

UBS Development Impact Bond

When finance meets philanthropy: how Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) can drive measurable impact for the most vulnerable. Learn more about the UBS DIB from Maya Ziswiler and Tom Hall of UBS Philanthropy Services.

Autism Inclusivity in the Workplace

Join us for a digital roundtable discussion on inclusivity in the workplace, as it relates to autism and colleagues on the spectrum, featuring a panel of experts from throughout the field.

Past events


Additional philanthropy webinars

See here for additional webinars from the UBS Global Philanthropy Services and Optimus Foundation teams.