Collective philanthropy

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Why collective philanthropy?

We believe in philanthropy working together as a driver of change, and are committed to harnessing the power of collective partnerships with philanthropists, organizations and governments.

We’re not content with giving that hopes for change – good intentions aren’t enough in today’s fast changing global landscape. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to achieve better social and environmental outcomes – by giving strategically.

Similarly, we’re not satisfied with the resources available to drive change – we seek to mobilize more private capital and support its effective and efficient implementation, to address some of the most critical challenges of our time.

Connecting individuals together around strategic aspiration, practice and collective impact, is the future of philanthropic funding. Your philanthropy can be effective on its own, but by pooling funds and expertise with fellow philanthropists and delivering aligned outcomes, you reinforce each other’s efforts, and achieve exponentially more impact.

What we can accomplish, together

Join philanthropists in a 'collective impact' approach – we have three ready-made collective portfolios for you to co-invest in.

The Climate Collective

We’re the first generation to experience the impact of climate change, and the last to do something about it. This is your opportunity. The Climate Collective supports communities in South East Asia and beyond in developing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, contributing to emissions reductions and improving biodiversity.

Along with fellow philanthropists, best-in-class non-profit organizations and experts, you’ll drive collective impact by developing sustainable climate resilient livelihoods for communities and smallholders.

The Transform Collective

The evidence is clear. The best place for children to grow up is in a family. Rather than maintaining a broken system, the Transform Collective drives efforts towards systemic change. Change that keeps children in families.

Along with fellow philanthropists, best-in-class non-profit organizations and experts, you’ll drive collective impact by supporting family based care as an alternative to institutional care. And reform policies and practices to protect vulnerable children and strengthen families.

The Accelerate Collective

Social finance, an emerging approach in the development sector, offers  innovative ways of attracting private capital and incentivizing contributions without distorting functioning markets. The Accelerate Collective harnesses the tools of social finance to deliver greater health and education outcomes for vulnerable communities. Along with fellow philanthropists, best-in-class non-profit organizations and experts, you’ll drive collective impact by using innovative financing models to unlock new and much needed sources of funding to improve health and education outcomes for disadvantaged children.

A deep learning experience over three years

Become a collective member and gain a wealth of experience and benefits

Getting leverage for your donation is just one of the benefits of giving collectively. At UBS, we cover the costs of running the collectives, match your funding by 10 percent and we take you through a deep learning experience over three years.

Engaging in one of our collectives, allows you to:

  • co-fund a portfolio of best-in-class non-profit organizations and social enterprises, working to achieve systemic change in an issue you care about;
  • engage in a three year strategic philanthropy education experience with peer philanthropists and social investors, following the program design, implementation and evaluation process;
  • work alongside other philanthropists and enlarge your network;
  • learn tools and skills from expert practitioners, to practice your philanthropy with greater confidence and impact;
  • access high level program reporting, analysis and due diligence, following outcomes in real time;
  • visit the program to put the theory you learn into practice;
  • attend annual conferences, virtual seminars and regional gatherings alongside your collective peers;
  • implement your philanthropy strategically, and develop philanthropic leadership skills; and
  • give in a deep and meaningful way, across borders, while driving extraordinary results and honing your skills and confidence as a philanthropic leader.

“After 16 years of working in philanthropy, I can honestly say that there is nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than seeing your philanthropy drive impact that has the potential to solve problems at scale. But this can only happen when we work together. Which is why we are delighted to offer our clients the unique opportunity to join our collectives, to work alongside peers and expert practitioners, to achieve systemic change in some of the most complex issues of our time.”

Tom Hall, Global Head UBS Philanthropy Services

How collective philanthropy achieves real impact

UBS’s Collectives will connect you with philanthropic peers who seek to fund effective, but underfunded approaches, capable of achieving systemic change in some of the most important social and environmental issues of our time.

Built on over two decades of experience, we can partner with you to manage your collective giving strategies in the most efficient way while ensuring it is doing the most good.

As a member of our UBS Collectives, you’ll join a three-year philanthropy strategy and leadership program, develop expertise in strategic, high-impact philanthropic solutions working towards systems change across a range of issues.

Collaborative Partnerships

Giving you the opportunity to learn strategic approaches, engage in discussion with experts and peers, and follow a transformational change process in real time, in partnership with world-class practitioners.

Collective Impact Strategies

We’re sourcing more collective funding and addressing multiple groups working on different angles of the problem.

Building Philanthropic Leadership

increase your impact; strengthen your understanding of strategic philanthropy and systems change, and allow you to build your knowledge, confidence, network and philanthropic leadership skills.

Want to know more about collective philanthropy and the individual ready-made collectives? Use our contact form or contact your advisor at UBS.

UBS and philanthropy

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