Give your cash a boost

Get an attractive interest rate with UBS Bank USA Core Savings

20 Feb 2020

There are many reasons to hold short-term cash—for expenses in the near term, unexpected life events or simply as an emergency fund. But wouldn’t it be nice if your cash could generate higher returns than a typical bank savings or checking account?1

Introducing UBS Bank USA Core Savings (UBS Core Savings) for individuals, nonprofits, US government entities and eligible businesses2—an FDIC-insured deposit product with higher returns than a typical bank savings account

UBS Core Savings is specifically designed to help you meet your short-term cash needs. You may be able to earn a higher interest rate than a typical savings account without tying up the cash. You transfer funds to and from UBS Core Savings through your existing UBS Resource Management Account (RMA) or Business Services Account BSA by contacting your Financial Advisor. Or, you can initiate a transfer into Core Savings yourself at your convenience using our UBS Online Services, or the iPad or Financial Services app.

Make your short-term cash work harder

Take advantage of this program to consolidate your cash at UBS by speaking to your Financial Advisor.

Special features

  • Use your existing UBS RMA or BSA account. Standard account fees apply.
  • Enjoy up to five fee-free withdrawals from UBS Core Savings each month. Thereafter, UBS Financial Services Inc. will charge a $25 fee per withdrawal.Simply call your Financial Advisor to withdraw.
  • You’ll see your UBS Core Savings balance, interest and activity on your UBS account statement.
  • Initial deposit minimum of $10,000.
  • Balances are FDIC-insured up to applicable limits.4

Advice and support

UBS Bank USA Core Savings comes with the knowledgeable advice and support of your Financial Advisor. Your Advisor can help you align your short-term liquidity strategy to meet your lifestyle needs today while helping to plan for your long-term financial goals.

Visit to learn more about our attractive rates.

Minimum deposit amount $10,000

Connect with your UBS Financial Advisor

To take advantage of UBS Bank USA Core Savings.