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Helping your employees take control of their financial future

Everyone’s financial journey is different. We believe that when companies provide their employees access to education, tools and professional guidance, everyone benefits.

We empower your employees at all ages and income levels to build healthy financial habits and improve their relationship with their money, so they can take more control of their financial future.

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Financial wellness is having a positive relationship with money. Working toward it can help your employees bridge the gap between avoidance of financial decisions and action. Wherever your employees are on their financial journey, we can help them take their first step.

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We create change where it matters. A human approach combined with our robust digital resources meets your employees where they are.

UBS Financial Coaches*

Unlimited access to guidance and education across all aspects of financial life

Proactive engagement

Ongoing outreach to educate and encourage conversations with our financial coaches

Digital resources

Educational content in various formats on a range of topics and interactive tools, such as our collaboration with — an innovative student loan repayment solution

Live e-days

Educator-led webinars and opportunities for 1:1 consultations

Our people

You have a dedicated team and your employees have financial professionals who provide unbiased guidance to help them through the complexities of their finances, so everyone feels more engaged, productive and rewarded at work.

Thought leadership

UBS Financial Wellness

Studies seeking to understand the relationship employees have with their money and the impact that it has on workplace productivity.

UBS House View

Insights from our Chief Investment Office—timely perspectives from our CIO

UBS Investor Watch

An examination of critical issues today’s investors face, and fresh insight into what matters most to them.

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