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How rewarding can your equity plan be? That’s the question we ask ourselves every day. It’s led to solutions that help simplify plan management and create positive impact for companies big and small.

We empower your employees to realize the full value of their awards with access to education, tools and professional guidance that meet employees where they are, so they can do more with what you give them.

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Employees value their awards but there's still a long way to go. Helping your employees understand their awards helps them value this key benefit.

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Here’s how our people and technology help empower you—and your employees


For companies

  • Simple, customizable platform
  • Seamless data integration and automated workflows
  • Drag-and-drop reporting
  • Electronic form filing
  • Multiple sandbox capabilities
  • Cloud-based technology

For participants

  • Intuitive site helps employees manage awards
  • Trade online or via phone at the same price
  • Videos, graphics and more on important topics
  • Link other accounts to see the bigger picture2
  • Tools to help employees track their money2


For companies

  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Flexibility to meet your unique needs
  • A team with decades of experience
  • Backed by a top-rated group of dedicated professionals1

For participants

  • Access to UBS Financial Advisors
  • Personalized, holistic guidance that goes beyond equity awards
  • Ability to book an appointment or call
  • Available to all levels of employees

Our people

With our equity compensation advisors and representatives, rated #1 in customer satisfaction, and more than 30 years of experience, we’re well-positioned to help you strengthen your plan.3


Thought leadership

UBS Participant Voice

Studies seeking to understand how employees engage with their equity awards and to identify trends that impact how much they value them.

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Insights from our Chief Investment Office—timely perspectives from our CIO.

UBS Investor Watch

An examination of critical issues today’s investors face, and fresh insight into what matters most to them.

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