Discerning advice, for every dimension of your life

What happens when it’s time to pass the reins to your daughter? How best to fund your next business venture? Where do your passions lie? We address every dimension of your life and your goals—investments, business, passion and legacy—to develop a plan that's truly personalized for you. It’s precisely what you need today, and always. Advice. Beyond investing.


Our team of corporate finance specialists guides you through every stage of the business lifecycle—including equity and debt capital financing, business sale, managing your liquidity events and more.


We relentlessly focus on bringing the best opportunities—wherever they may come from—for every type of investor and circumstance.


We’ll translate your intentions into a tangible plan for future generations by working with dedicated teams of family specialists, holistic wealth planners and philanthropy experts.


Global resources for bigger opportunities

Global Family Office

Institutional-level services for your family office

The specialized Global Family Office team seamlessly integrates comprehensive wealth management with institutional-level services and business opportunities for family offices. The team addresses everything from day-to-day details to your master plan.

Our goal is to help you develop and implement a sustainable strategy for managing your wealth for continuity.

Olsen Reinhardt, Head of Business Development Group & Global Family Office, Americas

Advanced Planning Group

Sophisticated planning for your complex needs

The team, consisting of professionals with advanced degrees and extensive planning experience, delves into tax, estate planning and philanthropic topics, offering insight and thought leadership on wealth planning.

We connect every aspect of your life—business and family succession, estate tax mitigation, charitable planning and more—for a successful legacy.

Ann Bjerke, Head of Advanced Planning

Portfolio Advisory Group

Innovative portfolios informed by invaluable insights

This team consists of specialists intensely focused on constructing customized investment portfolios to help address your specific needs. The team’s hallmarks include sophisticated quantitative analysis, research-driven asset allocation and portfolio construction advice tailored to help meet your identified goals and objectives.

We construct a differentiated portfolio and asset allocation by looking at the entire spectrum of your assets.

Richard Hollmann, Head of Portfolio Advisory Group

Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services

Specialists to help sustain your family wealth

This team helps exceptional families take a strategic and sustainable approach to managing their wealth forcontinuity. The group leverages a global team of specialists and takes a systematic approach that extendsbeyond the purely financial to include wealth transfer, family governance, family office governance and family business succession.

We apply a systematic approach in developing and implementing a unique and sustainable strategy for your family.

Judy Spalthoff, Head of Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, Americas

Tailored financing solutions

Unlocking opportunities through tailored financing

Through the extensive UBS Banking platform, you can gain access to innovative credit solutions, including securities backed lending, pre-IPO lending and mortgages as well as customized financing solutions for private aircraft, art, horses and your other passions.

Family Office Solutions Group

The best of UBS' insight and expertise to our exceptional clients

The Family Office Solutions Group delivers the entire global wealth management offering to families with a total wealth of $100M by providing the broadest and deepest perspective on their business, investment and personal passion and legacy needs.

Clients of significant wealth require tailored and bespoke solutions - we aim to provide the breadth and depth of our mindshare

Ann Rybak, Head Family Office Solutions Group, Americas

Exclusive insights

Now, more than ever, you need intellectual capital and timely insights to guide you through persistent economic uncertainty and ever-changing markets. More than 900 investment professionals across UBS monitor worldwide macroeconomic trends as well as the forces shaping their local markets.2 You will have access to the extensive research capabilities of UBS, which are dedicated to helping address your objectives.

The right connections for great outcomes

UBS and Private Wealth Management events are designed to amplify opportunities in every sphere of life. They give you and your family the occasions to network with cultural luminaries and like-minded peers to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Assisting you in preparing the next generation

The UBS Young Successors Program gives your children the opportunity to expand their financial literacy under the guidance of professionals in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and philanthropy.

Bringing accomplished women together to advance women’s issues

The UBS Women’s Symposium brings together accomplished women to collaborate and participate in discussions with prominent speakers on topics such as social justice, gender equality and empowerment.

Helping you make an impact through your philanthropic passions

Through our highly acclaimed Philanthropy Forum--Americas, we help you find and further the causes you want to champion. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the right organizations so you can have a real and rewarding impact on the world.

Providing specialized support for complex families

How do you facilitate intergenerational wealth management? How can you align investments to family values? We invite principals and CIOs to our Family Office Summit to learn about issues affecting them in an intimate setting.

Presenting you with opportunities to indulge your passion for art

Art Basel Miami is one of the world’s most significant art shows, with leading galleries representing both established and emerging contemporary artists. The show is attended by the world’s top art collectors. As the main sponsor of Art Basel in Miami Beach, UBS provides exclusive access to select clients to appreciate and find great art to own and invest in.