During a period of economic uncertainty and increased market volatility, building a well-diversified portfolio is increasingly important in helping you properly manage risk and reach your long-term goals.  Traditional investments are a critical element of this strategy. By partnering with your UBS Financial Advisor, you have access to a comprehensive offering of traditional investments, including:

  • Equities — An essential component of a balanced portfolio for long-term investors seeking growth and diversification
  • Municipal bonds — For investors in higher income brackets who want to benefit from tax-advantaged income, relative safety and increased predictability
  • Mutual funds* ** — Offer diversification across asset classes, geographic regions and investing styles
  • Options — For investors who want to express specific directions on the sale or purchase of a security in order to hedge or generate income in an equity portfolio
  • Puerto Rico funds — Offer investors innovative long-term wealth management solutions through UBS Asset Managers of Puerto Rico, and include equity and fixed-income funds.
  • Taxable fixed income — May help offset volatility of other asset classes, giving investors more predictable interest income and repayment of principal. These investments include agency securities, CDs, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, preferred securities and Treasury securities
  • Unit investment trusts (UITs) — With access to a diversified range of fixed portfolio securities offered in “unit” increments, UITs are an easily redeemable source of potential long-term growth or stable income

Before engaging in the purchase or sale of any of the traditional investmentsavailable at UBS Financial Services Inc., please connect with your Financial Advisor so that he or she may explain the specific risks associated with each of these investments.

For more information on how to use traditional investments for capital appreciation, income generation, risk diversification or tax minimization, connect with your Financial Advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor.

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