In a world of conflicting headlines and analyses, relevant, insightful research can offer a welcome perspective.

UBS has a dedicated research team devoted exclusively to help individual investors make better financial decisions. As a client of UBS, you can count on the insights of the integrated Chief Investment Office Wealth Management Research (CIO WMR) organization to help you make investment decisions with more clarity.

Drawing on the expertise of investment professionals from around the world, from each of the major business units and across every asset class, including equities, fixed income and emerging markets, CIO WMR offers investors a truly global perspective combined with local expertise in the U.S.

CIO WMR examines the catalysts behind the trends, from social change and demographic shifts to geopolitical events and connects them to your investments in a way that is clear and actionable.  

Besides offering short-term analyses on the most pressing issues of the day, CIO WMR gives you insights with an intermediate timeframe, as well as longer-term projections of major trends, as in reports like The Decade Ahead—so you are better equipped to make the right decisions on the timeline that’s right for you.

Whatever your investment objective, access to the proprietary insights of CIO WMR will help empower you to make decisions from a well informed point of view.

Our research expertise also extends to:

  • Asset allocation research
  • Closed-end fund research
  • Commodity research
  • Credit sector research
  • Economic research
  • Emerging markets research
  • Equity sector research
  • Fixed income research
  • Foreign exchange research
  • Municipal research
  • Preferred securities research
  • Technical analysis
  • Thematic research

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