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Both your employees and your business benefit from easy access to stock plan accounts-along with guidance in helping to manage them. Our UBS One Source website gives participants real-time account information and makes online transactions easy to execute at any time. The site experience is customized to reflect your plan and your brand and links from your company’s internal website so your employees don’t have to log in twice. Some highlights of what can be more efficiently managed include:

Stock options

  • Comprehensive outsourcing solution for clients and plan participants
  • Recordkeeping, daily plan balancing and share pool tracking, along with plan reports, tax withholding and settlement processing
  • Selection of full or partial administration for both Non-Qualified and Incentive Stock Option grants
  • Support of multiple option exercise types and our multilingual website provides portfolio modeling and services your employees' exercises and account inquiries online

Employee stock purchase plans (ESPP)

  • Recordkeeping, purchase calculations, share allocations and disqualifying disposition tracking for Section 423 Qualified plans
  • Plan reporting available for corporations, along with disqualifying disposition notification for participants
  • Online employee enrollment
  • QUICKSaleSM, a convenient transaction allowing participants to sell shares at the time of purchase

Restricted stock awards

  • Recordkeeping, transfer and sales of shares resulting from both Restricted Share Awards and Restricted Stock Units vesting
  • Online capabilities to elect tax payment and share distribution methods, sell fully vested shares and specify cash and share delivery instructions

Stock appreciation rights awards

  • Services which mirror Stock Option grant administration
  • Corporate clients' choice of settlement in either cash or stock

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