Driving change where it matters

UBS Financial Wellness can help your employees build healthy financial habits so they can improve one or more aspects of their relationship with their money and take control of their financial future. 

How we help

Four components centered around providing employees with access to financial coaches who can provide customized education and personalized guidance. 

Financial coaches

  • Access to UBS Financial Coaches
  • Coaches provide guidance and education across all aspects of financial life, starting with a ”Wellness Assessment” 

Digital experience

  • Interactive digital experience with educational content in various formats: infographics, charts, videos, and articles
  • Coverage of topics at all levels of complexity: budgeting, debt management, planning for emergencies, retirement planning and investing

E-mail engagement

  • Proactive e-mail outreach to all employees*
  • Thematic e-mails across financial topics to drive education, awareness, and encourage employees to speak with our Financial Coaches

Live days

  • “Live” days consist of seminar or webinar presentation(s) and the opportunity for employees to have 1:1 consultations with a financial wellness professional 

Why choose us

  • Human approach combined with digital resources
  • UBS Financial Coaches that provide unbiased guidance
  • Tailored program to meet your employees' particular needs
  • Quarterly reporting at an aggregate level to track employee engagement and progress
  • Part of UBS Group AG, the world's largest wealth management firm, with a 150-year history of helping people pursue financial goals big and small