In today's market, having your assets, liabilities and cash management plans work together is critical to helping you meet your financial objectives. As a UBS client, your UBS Financial Advisor will help you achieve consistency on both sides of your balance sheet while supporting your larger goals, so you can achieve the financial future you envision.

Your Financial Advisor can help you understand and utilize a wide range of financial services to complement your overall wealth management strategy, putting your money to work where you need it.

UBS Bank USA can help

If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and need assistance, please contact our UBS Bank USA servicing teams for support:

  • Use the value of your eligible assets to secure important personal or business financing through securities backed lending
  • Purchase your dream home or private getaway with an affordable mortgage
  • Get access to FDIC-insured bank deposits for your available cash balances—including overnight cash sweep deposits and Certificates of Deposit
  • Whether you hold short-term cash for expenses in the near term, unexpected life events or simply as an emergency fund, UBS Bank USA Core Savings can help you meet these goals—while helping keep your long-term investment strategy on track. You also benefit from a competitive rate and the safety of FDIC insurance.
  • Combine your investments, cash management and liabilities in one place so you can manage all of your assets with greater efficiency and control
  • Benefit from cash management services, including access to electronic funds transfer, checkwriting, direct deposit, mobile deposit, bill pay and other services
  • Make purchases securely, access travel perks and earn valuable MyChoice Rewards points when using a UBS Visa Signature or Visa Infinite credit card

Together with your UBS Financial Advisor, you can develop a plan to better integrate your lending options and cash management solutions into your overall wealth management strategy.