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Resources to navigate the COVID-19 crisis 

American business owners successfully faced challenges like 9/11, the credit crunch, hurricanes and wild fires. You’re no different. The next few weeks will be critical and UBS is here to help you through it. These are our most important resources to navigate this unprecedented event. Your UBS Financial Advisor is also a resource for you, your family and your business, in times like these and beyond. Together, we can find an answer.

Business Owner Town Halls

June 11th: Topics discussed include PPP update, data-driven insights on re-opening the economy, and the current state of commercial real estate and the physical work space

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Future of Workplace (PDF, 754 KB) – Cushman & Wakefield

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April 28th: Topics discussed include PPP update and loan forgiveness, re-opening the economy, the state of the M&A environment and capital markets, and tax and estate planning

UBS Video Content: Top Things to Know This Week

Information is changing rapidly on the various relief programs. In these videos, UBS resources will discuss key updates, new programs, and what they are hearing from business owners.

Coronavirus impact: what the data says

Is China recovering? What's trending about COVID-19 on Google and Amazon? Which companies are the most geographically exposed? We take a look at what the data says.

Spotlight on coronavirus: our latest coverage

Our Chief Investment Office is following the virus and its economic impact as it spreads. Check back for our latest updates and investment research covering breaking coronavirus news and beyond.

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