The century club

The rising prospect of living ten decades—and how to be ready for it

19 Apr 2018

In this first global issue of UBS Investor Watch—and the largest survey of wealthy investors in the world—we explore the interplay among wealth, health and longevity. More than 5,000 investors in Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the U.S., U.K. and UAE shared their views with us. We found that, globally, more than half of wealthy investors expect to live 100 years. But Americans are the least optimistic, with less than a third believing they will live that long.


  • Nine out of 10 believe health to be of paramount importance. In fact, they consider their health to be more important than their wealth.
  • Many investors are anxious about the financial implications of old age, with healthcare costs a top concern, especially for U.S. investors.
  • Investors also worry about having less wealth to pass on to successors, and working longer to maintain their lifestyle.

Don’t let skepticism about living to 100 keep you from planning for it. Life expectancies are rising, and it’s a real possibility. In fact globally, nine in 10 investors are already adjusting how they are planning for their life—and their legacy.

Learn more: In a UBS On-Air interview, Alicia Curry and Sameer Aurora of the UBS Global Client Strategy Office discuss the global report's findings, the prospect of living longer and its impact on health and wealth.

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