Invest in everyone’s future

How to make the world better for people

People are our most important natural resource

Nutrition, education, healthcare and respect for all. Sustainable investing can help you play a part in pursuing these goals, along with your financial goals.

Watch the video to see how one person is making a difference for thousands of others with microscopes. If you want to make the world a better place, here’s how UBS can help.  

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?

Sustainability in action

Women managers make companies more profitable

Diverse gender leadership and companies' financial success.

Opportunity knocks

A way to invest in economically distressed communities

Investing in the fight against cancer

Invest in ways to contribute to the progress against cancer

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Sustainable solutions

You have more choices than you think. Virtually your entire portfolio can be

Why UBS?

We want to shape the future of sustainable investing. Why? Because we believe these investments can deliver returns with less risk to your money. We are also confident that sustainable investing will soon become the world's most widely accepted way of investing.

As the world’s leading wealth manager, we feel responsible for helping change things for the better. We have the capital, solutions and expertise to make a big difference globally.

These aren’t just words. We walk the talk. In 2017, we announced our intention to raise USD 5 billion in client assets over the next five years to help plug funding gaps needed to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As of 2019, we have raised $3.9 billion raised toward our commitment to direct at least $5 billion of client assets in SDG related impact investments by 20214

We drive change

How UBS is making a difference in the world

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?