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Many fiduciaries today outsource investment decisions to a discretionary consultant. UBS has the combination of institutional experience and global asset management expertise to work on your behalf. When you outsource your chief investment office to us, your UBS Institutional Consultant will align the UBS resources to further your organization's goals. You can expect:

Risk Focus

Manage risk with better governance

  • Investments aligned with your portfolio goals
  • Sharing fiduciary responsibility
  • Improved governance


Move administrative burden from organization to UBS

  • Holistic approach eases your involvement
  • Streamlined reporting and transparency make for easy review
  • Disciplined process keeps your focus on results


Focus on overall net results: time, money, risk

  • Costs managed through a focus on active management, which can deliver better value than passive management
  • Transparent fees
  • Streamlined implementation

Advice and collaboration


Hands-on and focused


Faith-based to corporate


Thoughtful and relevant