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Investment implications of the 2020 US presidential and congressional elections

Razor-thin margins in Georgia Senate runoff elections

What would a unified government mean for investors?

Election results and vaccine progress: UBS Investor Watch Pulse survey findings

Investors and business owners expect the election result will have a positive impact over the next 4 years.

Clarity (finally)—How to invest after the Electoral College casts votes

Featuring external speakers Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Former Chief of US Naval Operations; Jeb Hensarling, Executive Vice Chairman, UBS Americas; and CIO’s own Laura Kane, Head of Thematic Research Americas, UBS Global Wealth Management.

Conversations with UBS On-Air

Top of the Morning: 'Georgia runoffs - market and policy implications'


Our conversation today will touch on the outcome thus far of the Georgia runoff elections, and what that outcome means for the direction of policy and the markets, including the initial market response. Featured is Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy

UBS On-Air: ‘Washington Weekly Podcast - Veteran’s week, the Biden cabinet, vaccine deployment and more’ (External view)


We check in with the UBS US Office of Public Policy to discuss the latest developments within the beltway and beyond. Our conversation today will focus on how our leaders have been honoring our veterans, the early makings of the Biden administration, where key congressional races stand, how the government plans to distribute COVID-19 vaccines and more. Featured is Shane Lieberman, Federal Affairs Manager, UBS US Office of Public Policy. Host: Daniel Cassidy. This interview contains views which originate from outside Chief Investment Office Global Wealth Management (CIO GWM). It is therefore possible that the interview does not fully reflect the views of CIO GWM.

Top of the Morning: ‘US election - Navigating the transition with thematic opportunities’


Today we turn our focus back to thematic investing and discuss what the election outcome means for a variety of investment themes, spanning healthcare to technology to sustainability. Featured is Michelle Laliberte, Thematic Investing Associate Americas, UBS Chief Investment Office. Host: Daniel Cassidy

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