Simplifying access

Effective October 18, 2015, we have simplified how you access our Quicken® download service. You will now be required to use your UBS Online Services website login credentials-eliminating the need for you to use a separate UBS user ID and password. If you attempt a download using your old credentials, you will receive an error message stating that the information entered does not match our records.

What you need to do

Step 1 - Ensure your UBS Online Services login credentials are active.

Go to and login.
If you are not registered, select Register Now. If you do not remember your User Name or Password, you can seek assistance by selecting Forgot User Name or Forgot Password.

Step 2 - Update your Quicken® login credentials to be the same as your UBS Online Services User Name and Password.

For detailed instructions on how to update Quicken® login credentials for UBS accounts, please see the Quicken® guide below for your operating system:

Quicken® for Windows 2013-2015
Quicken® for Mac 2007
Quicken® for Mac 2015