Are you ready to live longer, better?

Listen to a special discussion on the new demands of retirement.

What can a life expectancy of near 80 mean for retirement beyond money? Listen to a replay of our call, “Navigating longevity: What worries you in old age” to find out.

On the call, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin of the MIT AgeLab presents his new findings on American attitudes about the future. The conclusions may surprise you, and Dr. Coughlin leaves you with three thought-provoking questions that will help prepare you for issues you may not have considered.

About our expert, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin
Dr. Coughlin is founder and Director of MIT AgeLab. His research uncovers insights on aging that drive innovation and helps shape social policy. The Wall Street Journal named Dr. Coughlin one of “12 pioneers inventing the future of retirement and how we will all live, work and play tomorrow.”1

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