529 college savings plans can help you work towards two of your financial goals. Find out why.

Investing in an education for your loved ones is a smart financial move—and not just for parents. So is planning for your estate. A 529 college savings plan can help you work towards both goals with one investment.

Listen to 529 plan specialist Kris Spazafumo from American Funds discuss:

  • The importance of college planning and the role you can play in any child's education
  • 529 plan features like tax benefits, account control, plan flexibility and high investment amounts
  • How to use 529 plans in estate planning.

Thoughtful planning is an important part of achieving any financial goal. To be sure you're prepared for what's important to you, contact a UBS Financial Advisor who can help you understand your options.

About our speaker series

"Two goals in one: college savings and estate planning" is part of a special series dedicated to keeping you informed about issues that affect your investing and your life. We invite you to join the conversation every month to get timely information that can help you make better decisions.

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All 529 Plan provisions, including plan minimums, fees, expenses, requirements, features and benefits vary by state.

529 plans are sold with program descriptions that contain details of the risks, fees and charges associated with the particular investment which you should read carefully before investing. Even though individuals are not required to invest in their in-state plan, some states do provide tax or other advantages exclusively to residents who invest in their own state’s plan. For example, many states offer a state income tax deduction for contributions and/or state income tax exemption for qualified withdrawals. States may impose state tax liability on withdrawals and/or earnings from out-of-state 529 plans. In addition, some states offer prepaid tuition plans. You should carefully review this with your tax advisor before deciding on a 529 plan. Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. nor any of its employees provide tax or legal advice. The tax implications of a 529 Plan should be discussed with your legal and/or tax advisors.