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Investor mindset

UBS Investor Watch examines how investors feel about issues that can affect how they plan for the future.

This groundbreaking quarterly survey uncovers fresh insight that can help you address challenges such as understanding generational shifts in parenting and investing, long-term care and more. UBS Investor Watch helps put important issues into perspective, so that your UBS Financial Advisor can help you make better financial decisions.

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Who’s the boss?

Many investors are saying it’s time to start a business. So why are Millennials taking a pass? Find out who’s stepping up and who’s stepping out.

For love or money

How much value is hiding in your collection? Collections can account for 10% of wealth or more. Yet, half of collectors haven’t had their valuables appraised nor insured. Are you putting passion over profit?

Retiring old clichés

Far from being bored, retirees are having the time of their lives. And when it comes to investing, they’re showing few signs of slowing down, with 84% planning to grow their assets. Find out how retirees continue to buck conventions—and see where you fit in.

On your mark…

100 days into the new administration, investors are still optimistic about the economy—despite mixed reviews of the new administration. Find out why 56% are ready to put cash to work—and the key initiatives they’re looking for before doing it. Are you ready to act?

The revived investor

Investor confidence is back in anticipation of the new administration taking office. Optimism on the economy has climbed by 50% since the election—anticipating a loosening of gridlock in Washington and a friendlier business environment. Find out how investors are preparing and where you fit in.

In the market for change

Trump’s victory has investors gearing up for change, but they’re following very different paths depending on their political preferences. Find out how Trump and Clinton supporters are preparing for a post-election world—and how you can, too.

Electing the economy

Investors see the presidential election as a “game changer,” with a significant impact on the economy and their portfolios, no matter who wins. Find out what they’re thinking—and doing—to prepare for it.

The ties that bind

Find out how Boomers and their Millennial children are redefining traditional roles of family and finances as they pursue their future together.

The conflicted investor

Find out why investors are confident in the recovery, but still aren’t acting on it. 

Unassisted living

Find out investors’ greatest fears about aging and overcoming today’s long-term care challenges.

Beyond the picket fence

Find out how the American family is changing what it means for investors.