Planning for the sale of a closely held business

Provides educational overview for transaction of selling a closely held business.

by David Leibell, Senior Wealth Strategist, Advanced Planning Group; Contributors: Carrie J. Larson and Brian Schimpf, Senior Wealth Strategists, Advanced Planning Group 15 Jul 2022

Among business owners who plan to exit, more than half intend to sell. This means that over the next five years, millions of closely held businesses will potentially be sold in the United States. Financial advisors can be helpful in assisting clients through the process of selling their businesses. Many business owners have worked years, if not a lifetime, to build their business. In many cases, the business represents by far the largest asset they own.

Often, the process of selling a business is unknown to the business owner. This may leave them vulnerable to making significant mistakes. This brochure may serve as a general road map for facilitating the sale of a closely held business. Given the scope of planning necessary for such a transaction, this guide merely provides an overview. For those looking for additional insight on a particular topic, references to additional resources are provided herein.

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