Financial planning

Informed, insightful advice tailored to your specific needs

The role of a UBS Financial Advisor is to help you pursue what is important to you. The process involves three main elements. The first is getting to know you—who you are, your tolerance for risk and your goals for the future. Using this discovery in the financial planning process gives us a comprehensive snapshot of your life today.

Second, once we understand who you are and what’s important to you, we will help you analyze your priorities, define your vision for the future and determine the appropriate course of action to meet your goals. Financial planning at UBS is a collaborative experience tailored to your personal goals and customized to the complexity of your financial circumstances.

In addition, changes happen in your life, in the markets and in the world, which means your goals will likely change as well—that's the third key element. When that happens, your UBS Financial Advisor can take another snapshot for a new financial plan, which may inform new strategies, as we continue to help you pursue what is important to you.1

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