Wealth, to leave a legacy that matters

Invest and plan strategically, so you can make a real difference

How can you create the kind of impact you want? A Legacy strategy can help. It's designed to focus on all the needs beyond your own, including philanthropy or setting up a family office. It also serves as a blueprint for inheritance and estate planning considerations, trust funds and giving your money to others—whether now or in the future. Your legacy is indelibly yours to leave.

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Legacy at a glance

What it's designed to do

Help you plan to have the money you need to help you improve the lives of others

Could include expenses like giving to family, philanthropy and wealth transfer over generations

Potentially include investments with a higher risk profile

Why it matters

Helps you plan beyond your own needs to make a difference for the people and causes you care about

Feel more confident seeking growth because investing is in longer time frames—potentially decades

Can incorporate giving now to make your gifts more tax efficient

Explore strategies to cover other stages of your life

Wealth for now Liquidity

To help provide cash flow for short-term expenses—to help maintain your lifestyle

Wealth for later Longevity

For longer-term needs—to help improve your lifestyle

Solutions working in your life

Estate planning

Create your legacy strategically

Insurance and annuities

Plan for a more secure future

Sustainable investing

Find out why sustainability matters

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We can help you plan for the life you want