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The Sound Dollar

As a financial advisor, I've always enjoyed hearing how people became successful in business, and figuring out ways to help them make the most of their success from a financial perspective. In each episode we interview people with interesting success stories and/or talk with subject matter experts in the financial services industry to learn about the tools of the trade.

UBS advisor podcasts

Primeplus: Managing a senior center through COVID


In this episode, I interview the executive director, a board member, and a member of a senior center in Norfolk, VA to learn about how they pivoted their business model for the pandemic, discussed tax smart charitable giving strategies, and the importance of continuing to pursue their mission to create a community where seniors can socialize, recreate and volunteer.

Stock Options


In this episode Marc Cimmino interviews Amanda Benincasa Arena. In her role with Aon Equity Services, she helps companies design their equity compensation plans to compensate employees in a way that aligns their interest with that of the company's. In this discussion we cover how each of the different stock awards work, why companies use each type, how employees can take advantage of their awards, and how they used them in the midst of the pandemic. Additionally we will talk about Elon Musk's "moonshot" stock awards, one of the biggest awards in history, and how some investors consider stock awards when making investment decisions.

Lessons from DollarSprout


In this episode, I interview the founders of DollarSprout, a website that seeks to help people worry less about money and spend more time on the things that truly matter in life. We will discuss how the business got started, the challenges they have overcome, financial strategies they have used, and what's next.

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