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Down to Business with Russ Ferreri

Asking and answering the uncommon questions in the back of business leaders' and investors' minds. In 20 minutes or less, we are bringing forward the "I am going to get to that one day" conversations. That one day is here.

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Economics Reality Check


In the Latest episode of Russ Ferreri’s “Down to Business” podcast series, Russ discusses the public perception of recent economic trends around inflation and employment with Brian Rose, UBS Senior Economist Americas- UBS Global Wealth Management.

What now!? Resources and decision making during COVID 19.


Russ Ferreri (UBS Wealth Management) talks with special guest James Jack, Head of the UBS Business Owner Client Segment and co-host Martin Low ( about recent legislation due to COVID 19. They cover resources James’ team has created for Business Owners like the UBS Business Owner Resilience Center and talk about how to make decisions, even when the government has not given clear guidance.

The Case for R&D


Russ and Martin explore the trend of entrenched businesses leveraging their experience, sales, banking and vendor relationships, and existing customers to pilot research and development initiatives aimed at either "playing bigger" in their existing market or identifying opportunities to compete in new ones.

People. Matter. Most.


UBS Financial Advisor Russ Ferreri talks with co-host Martin Low ( about his work aligning what organizations actually need with the right people for the job. Martin addresses how data; automation; and the demand for both purpose and engagement are actually increasing employee-dependency. Building from there, they analyze how those companies with a deliberate Culture/Value/Fit framework within their HR process actually receive a higher tangible value in the marketplace.

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