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Joe Scarlett - Former CEO of Tractor Supply Company


Joe shares with us his journey through multiple leadership roles starting as a manager at Two Guys Discount Store to the CEO of Tractor Supply. He discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, creating a positive work culture, and educating our youth. Today Joe is engaged in teaching and writing about leadership, working in the family foundation and striving to improve Tennessee.

Eric Satz, CEO of Alto IRA


Eric is the CEO of Alto IRA, a retirement alternative investment firm, and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded multiple companies from FX trading to an online grocery store and a venture capitalist company. In this episode we discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur, crypto currency and how Eric continues to sharpen the saw.

Ian Ayre – CEO of Nashville Soccer Club and former CEO of Liverpool Football Club


By taking a chance, Ian landed his dream job as CEO of his boyhood sports team, Liverpool Football Club. Ian shares with us how and why, by the surprise of many, he left this job with no plan and found an opportunity to create history.

Shaun Shankel - Grammy nominated music producer to CEO


From a young age, Shaun's passion for music was the driving force behind his success. But as we change and develop through life, so do our passions and priorities, and this led to a dramatic career transition for Shaun. By sticking to his beliefs and practices that give him the edge, Shaun has seen the path of another successful career.

Scott Peppard – Sales and Marketing Coach


Scott Peppard, an experienced sales coach and underground bestselling author, has a structured plan to success. He shares his go-to methods like Intentional Congruence, following the "Three C's" and expert organization that gives him the edge.

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